Saturday, 2 February 2013

this is about my business. download and see the prices. it affordable. your computer will be fixed in no time.
Bekezela Services
920A Ncwana str zola3
cell: 0798249798
Services offered.
Software installation
Windows 7 ultimate, professional, maximum or alienware;   R350.00
Windows XP professional, Black XP or last XP v20/17: R250.00
Microsoft office 2007/2010 business: R130.00
Anti-virus AVG/Norton: R120.00
Printer software installation: R120.00
USB security: R100.00
PC or Laptop checkup: free of charge
NOTE: All regular customers get discount and all the services have 30 days warranty that means if you experience the same problem within 30 days, you’ll get service for free.
920A Ncwana str zola3
cell: 0798249798

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